Intro to Decouplers

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In this webcast, Dairyland Business Development Leader Tim Bechtel will examine the basic function of decouplers and over-voltage protection devices and explain how they should be used in conjunction with cathodic protection systems to obtain optimal corrosion and safety protection. He will answer common questions like why a decoupler is needed, and how to test them once they’ve been installed. He’ll also demonstrate how using these devices ensures that the cathodically protected structure is properly grounded to comply with local and national electric safety codes to protect personnel and assets from lightning strikes and electrical faults.

Event Info:
  • December 13, 2023, 10:00 am - 10:30 am CST
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  • The basic functions of decouplers and over-voltage protection devices.
  • How CP systems can be improved by using decouplers.
  • Common applications for decouplers.
  • How to test a decoupler to ensure it is working properly.


Presentation Time = Approximately 20 mins followed by 10 min Q&A.

Meet The Speakers

Tim Bechtel Business Development Leader

Tim has been in the corrosion industry since 2009 working as a contractor on projects throughout the United States. These projects ranged from installing cathodic protection systems, leak detection, coating inspection, and coating remediation. In April of 2018, Tim moved over to Dairyland Electrical Industries, which if you don’t know, manufactures devices that improve cathodic protection systems and also address common grounding and safety issues. As a Business Development Leader, Tim, answers questions from around the world that involve issues ranging from decoupling facilities to improve cp systems, addressing unbalanced loads on electric distribution facilities affecting the dairy industry, galvanic isolation in the marine industry, rail issues, and so on. Tim received his bachelor’s from Central Michigan University in 1992 and his MBA in 2019. Tim is a NACE certified CP 2 and a CIP 3. Outside of work, Tim enjoys running long distances and has completed over forty marathons and two ultra-marathons. Read Bio.

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