Mitchell Christensen

Supply Chain Manager


If you could give yourself a new title, what would it be?
The salt and pepper shaker filler guy

What is your favorite part of your job?
The constantly shifting dynamics of Supply Chain work requiring us to be agile and think fast. Also, the sense of fulfillment and purpose when challenges pose themselves and are ultimately overcome. Being a trusted resource to the organization and ultimately providing the customer – internally and externally – with our best effort to ensure that their experience is good and we bring daily value to the Dairyland world.

Which is your favorite Dairyland cow?
The business suit cow

—  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —

When not working, what can we find you doing?
Spending time up at the cabin, with friends and family, at concerts and traveling.

What are you passionate about?
My work, being the best example I can be to my daughter, and bringing a smile to a person’s face.

How do you Live Engaged?
Recognizing value in people, investing in the person, investing in my relationships with my family, coworkers, and friends. Paying things forward. Empowering and mentoring my team. Also self-exploration toward better self-awareness so I can positively impact or provide value to the relationships in my life.

How/where do you volunteer?
I volunteer and engage in my daughter’s love for the game of soccer.

—  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —

Favorite movie: Anything Wes Anderson

Favorite place you’ve traveled: Japan

Hidden talent: I can wiggle my ears

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