Dairyland Product Accessories

Dairyland routinely assists customers with a wide variety of installation challenges.  Through this experience, numerous optional accessories and mounting brackets have been made available to simplify the installation of Dairyland devices.  Most accessories are custom or tailored for use with Dairyland devices to achieve optimum installation.  Perhaps the most often overlooked installation requirement is to keep conductors to the Dairyland device as short as possible, in order to achieve maximum lightning protection.  Dairyland mounting brackets can replace conductors to ensure the shortest possible lead connection.  Please note that some accessories may be used universally, while others are specific to a particular Dairyland decoupler model.

We are always willing to discuss application issues with customers.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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ACL-18 or RACL-18
The PCRH can be furnished with extra flexible, insulated 2/0AWG stranded co..
AP Kit
For attachment of a Dairyland decoupler to an insulated pipeline flange, Da..
BCL Shorting Clamps
For worker safety during field installation of Dairyland Isolation Switches..
Denso LT Tape
In most gradient control mat applications, multiple 4' x 8' ground mats nee..
ENCL Enclosures
Decoupling of electrical equipment on cathodic protection (CP) systems ofte..
The OVP can be installed directly on the flange using existing flange bolts..
Any OVP device can be mounted to the edge of the flange using tapped holes...
All OVP models can be installed on the flange using hex bolts welded to the..
Pin brazed studs are a convenient mounting method for the model SSD or OVP2..
Horizontal Flange Mount
For applications where it is necessary to mount a PCR across a horizontally..
Most gradient control mat installation require multiple 4'x8' ground mats t..
Insulated fittings on small diameter tubing, such as gas sense lines, can b..
The SSD or OVP2 can be mounted across an insulated flange using an existing..
Most OVP2 products are used on insulated flanges and utilize a flange mount..
Accessory conductor kits (set of two finished conductors) can be supplied w..
MTL Switch Kit
MTL Switch Kits are required for proper installation of Dairyland Isolation..
MTM Mounting Kit
Dairyland MTM mounting kits are used for mounting SSD decouplers and OVP2 o..
Where a free-standing enclosure is desired for the Dairyland  PCR or S..
Where a free-standing enclosure is desired for the Dairyland PCR or SSD, th..
MTR Kits
For applications where it is desirable to connect multiple conductor attach..
Mounting the SSD or OVP2 to a flange can be accomplished via pin brazed stu..
Mounting the SSD or OVP2 to a flange can be accomplished via drilling and t..
Pipe mounting kits suitable for mounting any PCR or PCRH model in close pro..
UFB Kits
The Dairyland model PCR decoupler can be installed on a variety of flange s..
In some applications, it is desirable to install the decoupler below grade...
For certain insulated joint applications, the Weld Tab Mounting option is d..
ISP Tester
The ISP Tester from Dairyland simplifies the testing procedure for al..