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Proven Solid-State Decoupling Products

Dairyland Electrical Industries has served the energy, corrosion, and electrical service industries since 1983, with innovative solid-state products for isolation, grounding, and protection. Offering the first solid-state solutions to each of these markets, DEI remains the leader in the industry, with constant product development. DEI's conservative designs lead to proven long life and maintenance-free operation.

Where electrical or other safety codes apply, DEI offers products that are independently tested and certified. Examples of such compliance include listings by Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) in the U.S. and Canada for electrical grounding safety codes, and stringent testing for hazardous location use as well. For Europe, we offer CE marked products that have been given Type Certificates by DEMKO. For the marine markets, products have been tested by Imanna Laboratories, and further approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). DEI is committed to producing superior products, tested to industry standards for full traceability.


DEI established the technology requirements for protective products in the industry and provides these important features:
  • Fail-safe design
  • Maintenance-free
  • Independent laboratory testing and listing
  • Products listed for hazardous locations
  • Ratings that eclipse other technologies
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Decoupler Isolation Switches
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Galvanic Isolator
All Dairyland Galvanic Isolators (GI) are fail-safe, solid-state DC isolation/ AC coupling devices..
Gradient Control Mat Personnel working near pipelines can be subject to electrical hazards such a..
Isolator / Surge Protector The ISP is the original solid-state AC conducting/DC blocking device d..
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Over-Voltage Protector (Division 2) The Over-Voltage Protector design has been established since ..
Polarization Cell Replacement The PCR is a solid-state device designed to simultaneously provide ..
Polarization Cell Replacement for Hazardous Locations Dairyland offers two versions of the PCR fo..
Rectifier Disconnect Switch
Rectifiers that serve cathodically protected structures, such as pipelines, can be subject to vari..
Solid-State Decoupler With the SSD line of products, Dairyland offers decouplers with lower cost ..
Variable Threshold Neutral Isolator Since 1983, Dairyland has offered the Neutral Isolator as the..