In the classic movie, “The Man in the White Suit” (1951), Sidney Stratton, played by Alec Guinness, is a brilliant young research chemist. He accidentally invents an incredibly strong fiber that repels dirt and never wears out. He uses it to create a brilliant white suit.

Managers and employees of the local mill aren’t happy with his amazing new invention, however. If a customer buys one of these remarkable suits, they reason, he’ll never have to replace it - ever. That’s bad for repeat business. As a result, they fear his invention will destroy the textile industry.

And so they chase him down and rip his “forever” suit into shreds.

The moral of this story? Most manufacturers build a certain amount of “planned obsolescence” into their products, guaranteeing themselves a healthy replacement market well into the future. We’ve all been victims of products that have conveniently failed – usually just after the warranty period has ended! We seem to be surrounded by cheap products that don’t stand the test of time.

Fortunately, that’s not our approach here at Dairyland. We build rugged, reliable products that last. How reliable are they? The failure rate of our decouplers is astonishingly low, with only a handful of reported failures since we first offered them to the corrosion industry in 1994.

Building products that last

Why are Dairyland products so remarkably reliable? Because we use engineering and manufacturing processes that have been proven and refined during the last 34 years we’ve been in business. We source the highest quality materials and components, so our products can withstand the most challenging of environmental extremes. They have a proven track record of performance in some of the world’s most demanding applications.

Our philosophy, then, is really quite simple, even a bit contrarian compared to other manufacturers: Build decouplers that don’t fail. As the pioneer of solid-state decoupling products to the corrosion industry, and now with well over 20 years of field experience applying decouplers to a wide variety of applications around the world, we can confidently say that these are the most rugged and reliable products available on the market.

In the unlikely event that a decoupler does fail in the field, it does so safely. In other words, it fails as a closed circuit. Many competing products fail open circuit, creating potential safety hazards.

What does our exceptionally low failure rate mean to you? Our decouplers have a low cost of ownership. Chances are excellent that you won’t need to replace any of them. You can install them and forget about them. That’s good news for many of our customers, who use them in some of the world’s most harsh and remote locations.

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