At Dairyland, we have a genuine passion for helping our customers and industry colleagues, and our values play a critical role: They serve as a "true north" for employees, showing them how to maintain a service mentality, and treating each contact, customer, and stakeholder as unique and important.

These aren't just things we like to talk about, they actively influence the way we approach our customers, products and processes at a very deep level. We try to live them every day.

A closer look at some of the things we value reveals what makes Dairyland a trusted partner around the world.

We Value:

1. Listening To Our Customers
During the last 34 years, Dairyland's growth has been fueled by customer-focused innovation – solving problems related to isolation issues in cathodic protection systems, as well as over-voltage protection from lightning and AC fault current. Our company has pioneered many modern protection approaches, and has also introduced many new accessories designed to make installation easier. Many of these developments have come about directly from our customer'.

The Dairyland team strives to develop strong personal connections with our customers. How do we do it? By listening to anyone who needs commercial or application assistance – it doesn't matter if they plan to purchase Dairyland products or not. No caller is turned away without receiving assistance.

2. Providing Technical Resources.
At Dairyland, we pride ourselves on being a resource to the industries we serve. Our staff regularly travels around the world to provide extensive technical training at industry conferences and to individual companies to help them better understand electrical phenomena, safety and system improvement. We are passionate about providing valuable resources to others and continuing to develop our position as experts in isolation and grounding within the corrosion prevention industry.

One example of Dairyland's commitment to being a customer resource is our comprehensive Knowledge Base, prominently located on the Dairyland website. It contains a categorized collection of white papers, application guides, videos, and interactive tools that can be accessed on a self-service basis. It's free, and isn't protected by a web page form. Anyone can use it.

3. We're committed to providing safe, reliable products
Building safe products is something we've focused on since the creation of the company. All of our products are designed to be robust as well as "fail-safe": the devices have an ultimate failure mode that provides safety, in a closed state that continues to provide protection. These fail-safe designs keep workers protected against over-voltage conditions during AC faults and lightning strikes.

Dairyland customers have enjoyed extremely reliable products over the years, with only a handful of failed units worldwide. This failure rate, estimated at just five one thousandths of a percent, demonstrates our commitment to providing safe, reliable products our customers can trust.

Dairyland aggressively pursues independent, third-party certification where electrical or other safety codes apply, providing assured product performance. Examples of such compliance include:
• Listings by Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) in the U.S. and Canada for electrical grounding safety codes,
• Stringent testing by UL for hazardous location use, and
• Additional third-party certifications to meet CE, ATEX, IECEX, EAC and other requirements for most international markets.

In addition, Dairyland's management and operations are governed by strict ISO 9001:2015 requirements, which set a high bar for quality processes across the board – and help to ensure outstanding product quality. The quality system covers almost all aspects of company operations, and metrics show continuous long-term improvements within the organization.

Structured processes, a quality workforce, and an attitude of service yields reliable products and operations. Our conservative product designs lead to the long life and maintenance-free operation that industry professionals have come to expect.

That's why we have adopted the slogan, "Always rugged. Always reliable." It's not advertising hyperbole. It's actually true!

4. We strive to provide an exceptional customer service experience
At Dairyland, we have intentionally developed a customer-focused approach that values serving people and meeting their needs above selling products. We're very generous with our time and experience. We've learned that investing time to talk to customers about their specific facilities, problems, and needs, builds trust with them. We dispense accurate advice, and if the topic is outside our areas of expertise, we will gladly route them to other knowledgeable industry contacts.

Our President, Mike Tachick says it best: "We believe that our words and actions matter, and others will be able to tell if we truly care or not. Our goal is to deliver exceptional value to our customers, prospects, and employees. The better we operate, the better we can serve others."

We value each and every customer, and make it our mission to resolve their requests accurately and promptly. From product inquiries to quotations, we're committed to fast turn-around times. Our customers love our responsiveness; in ongoing customer surveys, designed to monitor our performance, they have given Dairyland a 98% favorable rating!

In that regard, we welcome all input, including areas where Dairyland needs to improve. If you can help us get even better, please contact us with your ideas.