Marine Galvanic Isolation

Marine Galvanic Isolation


A luxury yacht or commercial vessel is an important asset worthy of the best corrosion and safety grounding protection available. While protective coatings and anodes can help protect your boat, a sure method is required to deal with the galvanic corrosion circuit created by the shore power connection. The Dairyland Galvanic Isolator surpasses all other galvanic isolator electrical ratings.


A simple method which virtually eliminates this galvanic corrosion problem is to insert an appropriately rated and certified fail-safe Galvanic Isolator in series with the grounding conductor of the ship-to-shore power cable. The function of the Galvanic Isolator is to provide AC continuity of the grounding conductor (required for safety in the event of an AC fault) and to block the flow of corrosion-causing galvanic current.

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