We care about people.

We aren’t in it just to sell product. At the heart of Dairyland’s core values is a value for people. That means we’ll help you with application problems… whether you end up needing our products or not. We also pride ourselves on being a resource to the industry, providing instruction and technical support to anyone who needs it. If, however, your requests aren’t in our wheelhouse, we’ll try to connect you to others, who are smarter than we are on that topic.

Our customer service team is passionate about serving you. They value each and every customer, and make it their mission to resolve customer requests accurately and promptly.


We're passionate about quality

At Dairyland it isn’t just about making a quick buck either. We offer premium products and value high quality that lasts, which means you can trust Dairyland. Our products have no known lifetime limitations, and our three decades of field experience prove those claims.

You don’t even have to take our word for it. You can confirm our numerous product certifications and listings to relevant standards around the world. Dairyland also prides itself on being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which means you can be assured that robust quality management process govern every step of Dairyland operations.

Dairyland Certifications

What's up with the cows

If you’ve seen Dairyland at industry tradeshows, or followed our technical newsletter, chances are you’ve seen some of our cows. Everyone seems to love our squishy bovines, but many ask “What’s up with the cows?"  Upon reflection, they then also ask "What's with the name Dairyland?"

Well, Dairyland was incorporated by Henry Tachick in 1983 to address a great need by power utilities for a solid-state approach to the bonding of utility-to-customer grounding systems under certain conditions. This problem caused stray voltage problems for utility customers, typically on dairy farms, which was a massive nuisance to the cows. The first Dairyland products were born, and our utility customers were pleased.  And so were the cows.

Dairyland has the privilege of being located in the state of Wisconsin, known as America’s Dairyland. Hence the Dairyland name and the reason for the cows.

A little more about Dairyland

While Dairyland still offers solutions for the original stray voltage problem, our main markets today are the cathodic protection industry (for pipelines, tanks, power utility structures, boats and more), lightning and fault protection schemes (rail, utility, etc), and custom products. Dairyland pioneered many modern protection approaches, applying solid-state technology to create isolation & grounding products that are now used worldwide. Dairyland trade names, such as the Polarization Cell Replacement or "PCR", and the Solid-State Decoupler (SSD) have become common to the corrosion prevention industry, are widely accepted, and have led to industry adoption of Dairyland terms for these products, such as "decouplers." 

Other core competencies include products for over-voltage protection, including the Over-Voltage Protector (OVP & OVP2), to improve upon limitations of existing industry "lightning arresters." Dairyland is also uniquely positioned to explore and offer custom devices that build on our knowledge of power protection and engineering. Where aspects of solid-state construction, electrical isolation, safety grounding, and over-voltage protection intersect, Dairyland has the expertise to offer novel designs and solutions.

Whether it is entering new markets, enhancing our products, or designing and manufacturing specialty devices, we are always excited about new opportunities to serve our industry. We will continue on the path that has been beneficial to our employees, our clients and the industry.